Facts About Mexico

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Mexico is a fascinating and diverse country and one of the world’s premier tourist destinations.

Its popularity comes in part from its tourist sights: pristine beaches, atmospheric jungle ruins, charming colonial towns.

But more importantly, it comes from the warmth of its people, the richness of its culture, and its delicious cuisine.

Mexico's people: Mexicans waving flags

Mexico’s People

Whether descendants of the original indigenous populations or European immigrants (or like most Mexicans, a little of both), Mexico’s people are known for their warmth and welcome. 

Mexican food on a table with sombrero

Mexican Food and Drinks

Mexico food and Mexico drinks have tremendous regional variation and many local specialties.

Mexican Culture

Mexican Art

Mexican Sports

Mexico Travel

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Mexican Culture

Mexico has one of the most captivating and complex cultures on earth. Visit the section on Mexican culture to learn more about Mexican art, Mexican clothing, Mexican sports, Mexican dance, music, and more.

Mexican Religion

Although the vast majority of Mexico’s population is Catholic, the Catholicism practiced in Mexico has its own unique flavor and variations. This section on religion in Mexico will tell you more.

Mexico Destinations

Find out more about Mexico’s most beautiful and fascinating destinations: Cancun.

Mexican History

Mexico’s rich history spans thousands of years from pre-Columbian empires of staggering wealth and complexity, through the colonial period, to independence, and on to the modern day. Learn more here.

In the end, Mexico has something for everyone. Bienvenidos, and enjoy your visit.