Mexican Recipes

Some Easy Mexican Recipes You Can Use

Here are some traditional Mexican recipes. This easy to cook , complete menu will make your guests think you are a chef! I have specially chosen those Mexican recipes that are both simple and quick to make.


Mexican Recipes

A tortilla

Appetizer: Antojitos

Take three tortillas and divide them into 4 parts each. Arrange the parts into twelve slightly greased muffin pans. Put Cheddar cheese, tomato, some green onions, and black beans into the pans. Add hot sauce, red bell pepper and chili powder. It is important to place another piece of Cheddar cheese on top of all other ingredients.

Take the pans into a pre-heated oven with a temperature of 430 ºF degrees. Bake for 5 minutes and the delicious Antojitos are ready to be served.



Main dish: Cheese Enchiladas

This is one of my favorite Mexican recipes.

Take 6 “ Chile de arbol” peppers and boil them until they are tender. Then, drain the water and process the peppers with a garlic clove, an onion and a teaspoon of salt in a blender until the preparation is smooth. Reserve this sauce for later.

Take tortillas and fry them on very hot oil for about three seconds on each side. Dry them over paper towels. Once fried, take the tortillas and place a generous portion of Cheddar cheese (or the cheese you like) on it. Roll up and place three of the rolled tortillas on each plate. Cover them with sour cream, lettuce, tomato slices and chopped onions. Dip each bite of these enchiladas in the sauce you reserved above. Mmmhh! Delicious!



Side dish: Arroz con Tomate

This Mexican rice recipe can be also used as a main dish by adding meat or chicken.

Take a tablespoon of lard and a tablespoon of butter, and heat them. Add a cup of rice, and mix until the rice is slightly toasted. Add two chopped tomatoes, a chopped green onion, two sliced garlic cloves, two tablespoons of chili powder, a teaspoon of salt, a cup of tomato sauce and two and a half cups of Chicken broth. Cook uncovered until the rice is tender. If you need, add more chicken broth as it evaporates. This is one of the authentic Mexican recipes that include rice.



Dessert: Flan

Well, the final part of a meal is the dessert. Try this sweet Mexican recipe as a quick solution for unexpected guests.

Put 4 cups of milk and a cinnamon stick in a saucepan. Scald it at medium heat and let it cool. Beat 6 eggs until they get foamy. Gradually add 3 cups of sugar to the eggs. Then add the scalded milk to the eggs until all sugar gets dissolved. Add some vanilla. Put the mixture in individual cups. Place the cups on a pan with hot water and bake in the oven for an hour and twenty minutes. Serve cold, but not frozen.


I hope you enjoy these Mexican recipes. I am sure you will find Mexican food as tasteful as I do, and I have a feeling that you will soon be looking for more Mexican recipes.