Mexican Candy

Mexican candy has a unique fusion of explosive flavors. Unlike many American counterparts, the selection features a combination of sweet, sour and salty and spicy candies that come in a variety of textures. Despite the strange ingredients, or maybe thanks to them, traditional Mexican candy is becoming an important export product and the international demand for such a delicacy rises. Here is a list of most popular Mexican candies.

Skull candies

© Angélica Portales - Sugar Skulls

The most wanted Mexican candy is the one made for special religious celebrations. The “Calaveras de Azúcar” are tiny skulls made of sugar, decorated with brilliant, festive colors. The traditional Mexican sugar skulls feature brightly colored frosting and rhinestones. Family members take these candies with other items to the graves of the dead members to commemorate their lives on the special day Día de los Muertos.


© Angélica Portales - Tamarindo Candy

This uniquely flavored sweet and sour candy comes in many different forms. Although some brands sell it as lollipops with a salty and chili outer coating, you will also find salsaghetti strips, Tama roca pops and Pulparindo tamarind pulp candy too. Because tamarind is widely grown in Mexico, this fruit pulp is used in many local candies.


© Paul Sableman - Chamoy

The Chamoy candy is another Mexican favorite: a fruit based item made from mango, plum or apricot. However, it is the salty and sour coating on the sweet candy that adds the typical flavor. Mexico’s most popular candy brands sell chamoy in various forms, including hard and soft chew candies, frozen slushies and even chamoy flavored sauces.

Cajeta Candy

© Smeet666 - Cajeta Lollipop

This mellow flavored caramel or dulce de leche is the most popular Mexican sweet candy. Cajeta is made from a combination of perfectly caramelized fresh cow and goat’s milk. Sold as lollipops, chewy caramels and hard candies, cajeta is widely used in making wafers, or used as a topping and flavor in ice cream and cakes.

Mexican Lollipops

Lollipop flavor choices range from bold and sour to spicy and tangy. While some candies feature a mild spice coating, many have a combination of spicy and non-spicy concoctions too. Tamarind, chamoy and cajeta lollipops are very popular.

Those who love spicy varieties should try the tamarindo and chili powder filling candies. Other choices of Mexican lollipops include mango, strawberry, pineapple, apricot and cherry flavored lollipops.


Mexican Lollipops

© Angélica Portales - Mexican Lollipops


Mexican Chocolates

© Margaret Almon - Mexican Chocolate

Mexico’s list of confectionaries includes indulgent and exquisite chocolates, a treat for all chocolate aficionados. Caramel and milk flavored chocolates are quite famous in Mexico, and some brands also offer marshmallow coated with chocolates. Some top brands' ranges include a combination of dark, white and milk chocolate with hints of cinnamon, nuts and vanilla.

Mexicans also use chocolates in making hot drinks such as Atole, which is a traditional hot chocolate alternative often served with tamales. Some varieties of Mexican chocolates boast a dark-bitter and un-spiced flavor too.


© Plumerio Pipichas - Chicle

Chicle, or chewing gum, is also one of the local sweeties. The name “Chicle” comes from the hispanization of the word Txzícl, which is the name of the tree from which crewing gum is extracted.

It is interesting to know that an explorer named Adams found this tree and carried its resin to the US: the Adam’s chewing gum was born. Of course, Mexican chewing gum is different from gums available in other countries. It comes in several flavors, including corn, and some “Chicles” come covered in chili powder.

Mexican candy brands

One of the most reputable candy producers is Vero Mexican Candy. Years of candy-making turned Vero into a top Mexican candy manufacturer, and there is virtually no country without a Mexican candy importer of Vero’s line of sweet treats.

Other leading Mexican brands that sell popular hard candies include Lucas, Pelon Pelo Rico and Tajin. Confetto and Hola are also known for their fruity candies.

Coronado is the top caramel candy brand in Mexico, having a variety of dulce de leche hard candies, soft chews and sauces, caramels and lollipops. Glorias is another caramel candy brand that offers delicious chewy caramels. Other popular caramel candy brands are Montes, Aldama and Las Sevillanas.

Mexican Candy

© Ari Helminen - Mexican Candy

Facts about Mexican Candy

  • The uniqueness of Mexican candies stems from the wild flavors, textures and shapes.
  • Mexican candies include a large variety of spicy and salty candies. A majority of Mexican candies have a hard sweet body coated with tangy fruit pulps and spices.
  • Chocolate options in Mexico also include spiced chocolates too.
  • Mexicans eat candies on celebration and during special holidays too.