Best Time to Visit Mexico

It is always a good time to visit Mexico. Mexico is a big country and, like the two other North American countries, the U.S. and Canada, there is a variety of climates. The perfect weather for hiking in the Sierra Madre Occidental may not be the same as that for rafting along the Usumacinta River. Always check with your travel agent or the venue’s website to ensure your visit coincides with its availability or season.

The Nicest Weather for Touring

August and September tend to have the most rain in Mexico, and it also hosts the coastal hurricane season. While every month is perfect for some location, here are some specifics for the more popular spots.

  • Late August may bring some rain in Cancun or Puerto Vallarta, but the prices will be better.
  • Tulum, on the Caribbean coast, is at its most beautiful, emptiest of tourists and with the best weather in early September.
  • Central Mexico, which includes Mexico City, sits on a dry, high plain, so while days may be warm, evenings are nearly always cool.
  • Like Southern California, Baja California is a desert with very low rainfall and hot, dry weather during the summer.
Fine Arts Palace, Mexico City

© Aloud.. - Fine Arts Palace, Mexico City

Hit the Beaches Whenever!

The beaches in Cancun are best from the middle of April through May. There is no wrong time, but if you aim for these six weeks, you can avoid Spring Break revelers. The hotels and tourist spots empty out, and you may be able to save on your choice of accommodations. Look for the weather in the 80s during sunny days with nights all the way down to the 70s without much rain.

As you move down the Yucatan Peninsula toward Belize, the weather gets hotter and muggier past the first week or so of May, so if you are planning on snorkeling down the coral reefs, try for March to May or during the autumn months.

On the Pacific Coast, beach resorts like Puerto Vallarta have great warm weather around the year. Even their hottest months, June through October, only reach the low 90s. The humidity is low and, even if the weather is warm on the beach, there is always SCUBA diving underwater where the ambient temperature is less of an issue.

Mexican Beach

© benchristen - Mexican Beach

Hiking and Volcano Climbing

The mountains in Mexico are nearly all volcanoes. The three most popular are Pico de Orizaba (Citlateptl), Popocatepetl (known as Popo), and Iztaccihuatl (called Izta). They are all right about 18,000 feet, and there are others at slightly lesser heights.

November through March are the best months to hike, but because of the elevations, ice climbing equipment is required. Be sure to leave time to be acclimated to the heights. Rock climbing is usually not possible because of the rock composition.


Popocatepetl Volcano

© Pulpolux !!! - Popocatepetl


Sport Fishing

Mexico is a fabulous place to engage in the world’s most popular sport. The best times for deep-sea fishing in Los Cabos, the most popular area, is from June to December for marlin and April and October for sailfish. To get a boat and crew, be sure to make reservations far ahead.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

© Brent - Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Mad for Any Sport

Association football, also known to Yanquis as soccer, is the most popular sport. Tourists can catch games of the national team to local kids’ matches throughout the country. There are two national leagues, the Aperatura, or Opening, division plays between mid-summer until winter’s start. The Clausura, or Closing, division then takes over from New Year to spring.

Baseball is very popular, and Mexican players such as Fernando Valenzuela has given much to U.S. professional leagues. Professional baseball is played in the Mexican Pacific League (Liga Mexicana del Pacífico), the country’s most prestigious, during winter, opposite the rest of the North American teams. Because of this opposition, many professionals from the U.S. and Canada play in the Mexican league.

Mexican Baseball

© ·júbilo·haku· - Baseball in Mexico

Basketball also has its legion of fans. The National Professional Basketball League (Liga Nacional de Baloncesto Profesional) is the country’s premier teams. Round-robin play occurs in March and April.

Boxing, American-style gridiron football, Lucha Libre wrestling and bullfighting are all rabidly followed in sports-mad Mexico. No matter when you plan your vacation, there will certainly be a variety of exciting and well-played sports available to watch.

Lucha Libre Event

© Jerry Keane - Lucha Libre Event

Special Dates to Reserve

Mexico celebrates its Independence Day in Mexico on September 16. Father Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla delivered a speech on that day, called the “grito,” the cry for freedom. At midnight on September 15, citizens gather in their town squares to hear the grito repeated by their local political leader, whether a mayor of the country’s president. Punctually at sunrise, the fiesta begins, with parades, fireworks, feasting and music. This, not Cinco de Mayo, is Mexico’s most important patriotic holiday.

On All Saints Day, November 1, Mexicans honor children who have died, the angelitos. On November 2, All Souls Day, the country celebrates the Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos). In every village, town and city, people honor the dead in their family by visiting their graves, bringing offerings (ofrendas) of food, symbolic gifts and altars.

Day of the Dead Celebration

© Devon Christopher Adams - Dia De Los Muertos Celebration

The other most important holidays are Christmas Day, Easter and Mother’s Day, celebrated throughout Mexico with special reverence. If your visit coincides with these holidays, it will enrich your stay to observe or better participate in festivities.

Whenever you visit the country, Mexico will prove itself the consummate host. Great hotels provide great bargains or sumptuous luxury. You can eat exciting and authentic food from native Indios or world-class restaurants. No matter whether you want a lazy, relaxing week on the beach in the Cabos or a volcano hike on the peaks near Mexico City, the country has activities, celebrations and spectacles for any taste.